Books Review

“A writer only begins a book, the reader finishes it”

Samuel Johnson – 18th Century Writer

The Rating System:

1 Star – Waste of Time

2 Stars – Good For Entertainment

3 Stars – Good, Not So Applicable For Jiu Jitsu

4 Stars – Very Good, Applicable For Jiu Jitsu

5 Stars – Highly Recommended, Highly Applicable For Jiu Jitsu



The Subtle Art Of Not Giving a F*ck

First thing is to acknowledge that we don’t know anthing, and its better that way!

The second is that once you try so hard to have positive experiences on its own its a negative experience, in a paradoxally manner, the opposite its true as well, once you accept your negative experience by its own its a positive experience.

 This is one of those books, where you laugh, enjoy, get slapped in the face a few times, and improve, highly reccomend this one, and will be reading again, and again and again, its worth it.

The amount of principles by wich you learn the “Mark Manson’s Way” aren’t that many, thus making easy to start applying onto your own life.


So, First hear it on audio version on YouTube, and understood that i want to READ the very physical book, to dig deeper within the very core of this rare, strange, deep book.

Once you understand that the book is the interview with the Devil, you may assume it will be full of bullshit, and phrases good enought to make you laught, but don’t let it misguide you, this book is STRONG! this is a deadly book, a deadly book for your old self, your old beliefs and your old bullshit!

Once you understand the principles within this book. you will start to understand how to own your thoughts, your mind, your desires and your actions.

As for the Jiu Jitsu application, this book will give you some insights to why you feel like quitting once that strong motherfucker passed your guard and is crossfacing the shit out of you!

Highly reccomended!!


This one will be hard to actually perform in your life, is one of these things that once you know, you’ll not forget, and very time you don’t do it you will know.

The method its very simple but not easy, it has 3 parts, the breath, the cold exposure and the commitment or mentality as you wish to call it.

The good thing is that you can download the free app and try the method for yourself even without the book, BUT this book its a must if you wish to learn about how exactly it works, why it helps in a physiological way, the hormonal changes that occur within your body, and you’ll see ALOT of incredible real stories about him, and his method.

This will improve your overall health and kill that joint pain you have from all those armbarms! 


How can i start, this book is a MUST HAVE, dosen’t matter if you want to be rich, healthy, more confident, better fighter, or whatever ,it really goes deep into the 13 principles of any achivement, this book will get you thinking for sure.

Sometimes people read it the first time, and they go by their lifes normally, but then they remember a principle, or something this book gave them, and it gives you ALOT.

Right now i’m reading it for the third time already, still trying to live the principle more then i understand them, because that is the secret within any knowledge, if you just know and dont apply, you wont feel it.

Highly reccomended!!



If you want to take a peek to what is like to live with a SEAL, but not only a SEAL, its DAVID “FUCKING” GOGGINS SEAL! this book will give you just that, the emotions, the “funny” cold awnsers of Goggins, the mentality, the brutal workouts, everything is in there, from the headstart you are going to enjoy this one.

What can you take from it besides the laugh, you’ll see how a person can be, and do way more than you would think is possible, from running with bleeding nuts, to entering a frozen lake after a brutal run in the “best” weather conditions, you will learn that YOU can do more as well!!

Highly reccomended!!


Wow, I’ve just finished the Audible version, and I have to say, It’s worth every minute! I’ll be buying the physical book as well, but the Audible version is incredible, If you listened to his first book “Can’t Hurt Me” you’ll know what i’m talking about, David Goggins does a completely different Audible book, with extra content, I think its like 3 hours of BONUS content! 

The book itself is rich with examples, Real life examples of how incredible the human mind is, And he even gives you tools to work with, It’s a MUST for every fighter, every coach, every person that wants to get closer to their limits everyday.

Highly reccomended!!


This one was a HUGE surprise, i didn’t knew Paul Kindzia, but i gave it a try, because i love the moto “Master Jiu Jitsu Master Life” so i bought the book to see what it is about, and let me tell you, it was worth it! 100%

Paul goes through 22 principles for mastering Jiu Jitsu and life, those are: Mindset, Momentum, Consistency, Discipline, Core Principles, Processes, Adaptability, Minimize & Simplify, Tracking & Benchmarking, Deep Learning, Workload & Stress, Modeling, Do Your Best, Goals, Visualitation, Ego, Habit, The Artist Way, Personal Growth, Your Why, Perseverance and Longevity.

He goes about each one of them giving you examples of the Jiu Jitsu world, athletes, coaches, and everything in between, if you would like to learn a little bit more about the people who are big in this industry, read it.

Highly reccomended!!