Apps For BJJ?

Apps that actually could help improve your Jiu Jitsu

Every app will have a direct download link once you click the tilte or the name of the app

Wim Hof App

With this app you can try out the method, very simple app, with a ton of free features, in a matter of fact, you don't really need to pay to be able to enjoy the app and the method, it will 100% improve your overall health, mental health and of course your jiu jitsu journey!

Yoga For BJJ

You will learn the efficiency of yoga for jiu jitsu practicioners, what it is going to give you, and why to even bother, but i'll tell you this, after joining the app for some time, i got the pleasure to take the instructors level 1 course and it was amazing! changed my jiu jitsu, improved my flexibility and i could work on my injuries as well, go check them out!


BJJBuddy is a BJJ Submission Tracker which allows you to track your rolling, submissions and tapps all with beautiful charts. Learn brazilian jiu jitsu with BJJBuddy through video & video recommendations based on your training stats. Get to know your BJJ game by understanding your submissions and taps over time. Get detailed analysis on your bjj strengths and break down where you game has holes. Give it a try it's free.


BJJFlowCharts is an app that will give you the opportunity to keep learning, even when far from your dojo, having a black belt on your pocket! literally! you could message Maxime Corteggiano and he will respond, not a bot, other than that, in the app itself you have so many techniques and concepts to learn, and they are very clean and wll structured, the app will set you back 149USD, but it is one time payment and you will have the life time license to use it, if its something you think you would use, give it a try.