Jiu Jitsu Principles

How Do You Aproach Learning Jiu Jitsu?

Before you start reading, do know this, i’m not making any advertisment of their products, neither they are sponsoring me in any way, i bought the course with my own money.

There is something to be said about these two celebs in the Jiu Jitsu world, they are pretty good on creating content, managing how to create a system or silabus to it, and then to SELL it! these guys know their craft! 

Of course i’m talking about the Gracie brothers, Ryron & Rener, if somehow you don’t know them, or didn’t came across any of their content like Gracie Combatives, Women Empowered, Gracie Bullyproof and more, they have a website called Gracie University, and if you want to learn how to build a silabus, or course, or just to see come Jiu Jitsu content like no other, give these guys a try.

So, let’s talk about what you clicked for, Jiu Jitsu principles…

The idea of principles is an old idea, not only in Jiu Jitsu but in everything in life, why? because principles gives you a guide line, a filter screen to see thru, when you have principles you have a spine, something to hold you upright.

In Ryron’s & Rener’s eyes, there are two types of students, the technique based and the principle based, the difference? 

Technique Based Student: He/she learns the bottom juji gatame from closed guard: step by step – 1-pull the opponent down, 2-secure the arm, 3-rise the legs to a high guard, 4-defeat the shoulder, 5-turn towards to opponent getting an angle, 6-push the head, 7-pass the leg, 8-secure the juji gatame, 9-finish lifting your hips. 

Principle Based Student: He/she learns the bottom juji gatame from closed guard: uses the filter screen to understand the technique and concept, Kuzushi – to break his posture, Connection – to keep his posture low usining the legs, Anchor – to keep him from getting away, Isolation – to secure the attacked arm, Pivot – to get the angle, Overload – to get the breaking point by lifting the hips.

Ok, thats nice and all, but what is the REAL difference?

Technique Based Student: Very nice, very detailed, the student payed attention to every step, drilled alot, understood how to apply, and then the student starts a live roll, and never got to hold the partner inside the guard for long enough to apply the submission, or they didn’t even got in there in the first place, therefore, didn’t used the specific juji gatame from closed guard at all, in fact didn’t got any juji at all because he/she dosen’t know another way to do it for that moment.

Principle Based Student: Took note of all the principles needed to accomplish the juji from guard, BUT while doing this, they took note of the principles needed to accomplish ANY juji gatame, how? let’s see, when on top, we need to use Connection – to be able to secure the mount with your knees for example, Anchor – to keep them from moving out of range, Isolation – to separate the attacked arm, Pivot – to be able to get your hips behind their shoulder, Overload – to get the breaking point, and if they try to escape you use Kuzushi – to bring them down again. The student didn’t went for the mounted juji gatame, they looked for the close guard juji, while knowing that they can attack from EVERY situation, why? because they don’t rely on steps, but on principles.

Very intresting way to learn don’t you think? If you own the principles, you can and will own Jiu Jitsu somehow, you’ll be able to use creativity and flow from position to position, from situation to situation and always rely on your principles, they will work!

Connection, Detachment, Distance, Pyramid, Creation, Acceptance, Velocity, Clock, River, Frame, Kuzushi, Reconnaissance, Prevention, Tension, Fork, Posture, False Surrender, Depletion, Isolation, Sacrifice, Momentum, Pivot, Tagalong, Overload, Anchor, Ratchet, Buoyancy, Head Control, Redirection, Mobility, Centerline, Grandmaster.


I hope you understand my words, this is NOT an advertisment for their products, thus i really like how and what they promote, this is a honest view on how we as Jiu Jitsu lovers aproach our learning and mastering, how can we learn faster and better? how we can take the time to really own our art and be masters of our own path! 

Hope you guys found it helpfull in some way, see you at the dojo, OSS!

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