The Inner Bitch

WTF Is "Inner Bitch"?

Did ever happen to you the following situations:

  1. Gave up a training session because of bad weather?
  2. Taped soon because it hurt and not because the submission was actually ON?
  3. Made a goal, a hard one, and mid performance stoped because you were tired?
  4. Slowed down in the warmup?
  5. Lost a position for lack of willing to fight for it and not for lack of knowledge?
  6. Entered a tournament just to “have fun” and lost in the first fight?
  7. Killed a dream before you gave it a real chance?
  8. Didn’t talked to that girl/guy because you were afraid?
  9. When you hear some amazing achivement you feel like it is not for you?
  10. You feel like you don’t have what it takes?

If you answered yes to some, or all of the above , know that they are the result of your “inner bitch” wining the chatter, the monologue you have with yourself, everyday, all day, every second of the day you have monologues inside your head, the result of these monologues will be the choices you make.

Everytime you are doing something hard, or even thinking about it, your “inner bitch” will attack you with a million of “good” reasons why you should give it up, or at least, do less, and by letting this “inner bitch” win, you create a neurological pathway or pattern, the “Quitters Pattern”, every time it happens you reinforce this pattern, and after sometime your “Quitter Pattern” is so strong and common, that every single time you will quit, again nd again, thus reinforcing it even more!

But the good news are that this neurological pattern works on both ways, when you win the monologue battle, and shut up your “inner bitch” and stay on the hard side of your choices, you’ll create the “Savage Pattern”, and every time you do something hard, something you don’t want to but still keep on doing, you reinforce it as well.

This is an everyday, all day battle, that if you want to get more out of your life, you MUST fight it! Your “inner bitch” will try to attack and take control of you every second you let it! So stop this shit! and get moving!

So how can we actually start the “Savage Pattern”?

Do something HARD everyday, do the thing you are afread of doing, take chances, take adventures, decide to attack your “inner bitch” by creating the hard times, and not waiting for them to come to you, seek the “SUCK”!

My coach and long time friend, Alan Surmont, once told me that i was a little bitch, that a gave up everytime hard times came, and what i did then? I FUCKING QUIT! I took his words as a personal attack, and was very very bitchy about it, and today, i know what a pussy i was to act like that, because if you have someone in your life that tells you the reality like it is, and not like you WANT it to be, keep them closer to you! those are the real ones!!

See you ate the dojo, OSS!

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