Mental Health?

What about it?

We now live in wonderfull times, times where there’s no lack of information, no lack of opportunities to regain control over your fucked up brain and thoughts.

But why even bother? As you may know, or not, we are more than the physical expression that we are able to see and feel, and this part of us control the majority if not all that we are, the way it works is way more simple than it looks.

The formula is:

Dominant thought will create a Impulse of Action, the Impulse of Action will turn into a Habit, the Habit will link itself with the Hypnotic Rhythm (we do what we do because we do) and from there, with time, you’ll harvest whatever your dominant thought was, being that good, bad or even malicious.

So just by analyzing this formula, one can understand the importance of a healthy mind, healthy thoughs and healthy deeds.

But what does that mean ? i think about a trillion things in a minute! 

And here relly the secret, we must have definition of porpouse in mind, and a definiteness of its completion, a mind without any definiteness of porpouse is a mind going in the direction of not so healthy mental state, the idea is to observe your thought, DO NOT JUDGE, only pay attention, here we have some guide questions to help you pay attention and learn more about your thoughts:

  1. Are they MY thoughts?
  2. Someone else place it in my mind without my concern?
  3. Are these thoughts from a positive seed?
  4. Are they going to be usefull for me in the future?
  5. I’m building something with this thought or destroying something?
  6. This thought is worth creating a habit for?
  7. Am i willing to dwell on this thought and spend time on it?
  8. This thought is a decision making thought or just drifting thought? 
  9. This thought will be beneficial for the person or the thing i’m thinking about?
  10. Am i going to reap benefits with this thought by the law of hypnotic rhythm?

There are many self anylizing questions, that if used, give you the power to understand and control the very nature of your thoughts, thus getting a grip on your actions, and creating positives returns habits.

So whenever you start thinking about some sad thing that you hard of, or a malicious plan comes by your mind, or even a thought that you dont see as bad, give these questions a try, and then tell me what difference they made on your thought process, and if so what difference did it make within your actions as well.

I’m no psychologist, neither a psychiastrist, but i do think that all those suicidal thoughts, depression, mood instability, excessive use of alcohol or drugs, concentration problems, anger management issues, paranoia, excessive fears or worries are all the by product of the formula wich we saw earlier, these people dwelled so deep in those negatives and self-destruction thoughts that they created the habit of it, and thus with time, entered the hypntic rhythm of life, after that…..hard work must be done to contradict this law, and at times it seems almost impossible to break it.

So keep the good vibes in, the bad vibes off, and be definite with your porpouse!

See you at the dojo, OSS!

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