UFC 281


So yesterday, we had one of the most incredible title shots in the UFC, it started good and ended better!

If i talk about all the card you will be seating for a looong time here reading all i got to say about all the fights, but it’s not why you are reading this.

Before we talk about the main event, i must adress the incredible slugfest that was poirier vs chandler! WOW!! that fight made me recall the infamous fight between Forrest Griffin and Stephan Bonnar at the first TUF finale, these kind of fight created this sport we love so much, these warriors ready and willing to die inside that cage, we saw everything from elbows, to headbutts, grappling to submissions attempts, alot of blood, violence and entertainment, this is what we want right? after a real war, Dustin Poirier secured the finish with a rear nacked choke in the third round, that by the way, almost got finished earlier with the same choke, great fight, great warriors and we got the pleasure to witness.

For the co-main event, was Esparza vs Zhang for the strawweight belt, this one was really fantastic as well, Zhang got a very intresting grappling game, entered a kind of crucifix after a scramble, kept Esparza’s right arm between her legs putting hip pressure the same you would with a knee bar, and iwht her hand free, she attacked her neck just to take the belt by rear naked choke finish, incredible expresion of a way to get the better way out of a scramble, i urge you all to watch this one and study it.


This fight was insanely good, everything you want for a title fight, you had the past drama, Poatan coming after 2 wins over Adesanya in the kickboxing world, the archy enemy of the undefeated champ arrived! The champ having a crazy run untill they met, there was a little trash talk, a little mind game, and every bit of emotions you want ot have from a main event like this one.

They entered the octagon with alot of confidence and conviction to win of course, the fight started very much like a kickboxing bout, and Adesanya almost got the W in the first! giving Poatan some chiken legs after a clean right cross followed by a left hook that was a little bit off target (maybe if it was clean….you know the rest), saved by the bell Poatan returned to his corner, In the second round Adesanya controlled the whole fight, Poatan tried to secure this round at the end with a beautifull single leg application, very intresting coming from a kickboxer that is new to this MMA thing, In the third and fourth Adesanya was a monster, a real killer, controlling the cage, the pace, the levels, they even got in some scrambles, that by the got Poatan looking tired and out of it, and you see the importance of a real good grappling skill, specially jiu jitsu, beacause the amount of opportunities Adesanya had to finish, and Poatan had to reverse was incredible, was even a slip second that if Poatan knew a little bit more he would finish or try at least that knee bar, those who saw the fight know what i’m talking about, and then….the fifht round came, Poatan’s corner was something out of a movie like Dana White said, and i felt the same when i saw, they talked to him, saying “You are losing this fight! You have to knock him down! You’ll be world champion within 5 minutes! Let your hands go!” and so did Poatan, and the rest is history, they returned to the last championship round, Adesanya felling good because all those rounds were his, and he was dominating the whole fight, and then, suddenly, Poatan clipped him on the chin with a very precise and strong left hook, and from there with was just waiting so the judge stop the fight, very happy that Alex “Poatan” Pereira is the new champ, the history comes around again, and Adesanya is aware of it, for me this fight was a WIN-WIN for me, beacause everyone of them deserves this as much as the other, soon we’ll be seeing the remach, until then…

See you at the Dojo, OSS!

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