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So as you guys know or don’t, I’m a brazilian who his mother went far from her country to try to give her kids a better life.

When i was in Brasil i knew little about Jiu Jitsu, my energy went all in skateboarding and boxing, thus making Jiu Jitsu not that intersting or appealing to me, i always had my skateboard with me in case of any altercation, and i had the basic boxing skills that i used to think were high level! haha

Once i got in Israel, i went into a internatum school, Kfar Silver, close to the city of Ashkelon, wich we used to do labor, working with our hands from young age, working with animals, plants, maintenance of buildings and so on, there we learnt the value of waking up and having early responsibilities, even if we did’t wanted to, but this was a very good and positive experience overall, you know, a little bit of fights, romances and adventures as any teen would have.

And there i experienced Jiu Jitsu for the first time, and it was Nogi, so we would train under Ariel “Spiderman” Abergel, a black belt under Amir Boharon, a name that is very popular in the Jiu Jitsu Israelian scene.

Ariel would tell us alot about the memories he had in Brasil, with known Jiu Jitsu fighters, and we all were very impressed with those stories, the training was fun, and challenging, but one thing made me quick at an early age, the lack of methodology, or curriculum so to speak.

I felt like i entered the training session just to do random moves, and random techniques and then fought, alot, with wrestlers guys, boxers, weightlifters and all in the between, there was no age class, or weight, you would fight with any body, any time, and thats i liked, ALOT.

But after a while, these random classes weren’t appealing to me as girls, alcohol and stupid shit teenagers do where to me, so within less than a year of training, i quited Jiu Jitsu  for good, so i thought.

I went and finished my school, got listed to the Israel Defense Forces, got listed to be in a infantry unit, called Givati, from there i did the squad commander’s course, and went to another unit, that specialized in antiterrorism, there i finished my service as a squad sargent.

Got out to return the life as a civilian after 3 years in the military, worked a bit, saved some money and traveled back to Brasil, where i didn’t visit the moment i arrived in Israel, almost 10 years, so i went, traveled, experienced Brasil as an “adult”, who is an adult at 22 years old? 

Stayed there for almost 2 years, had an incident that nearly took my life  skateboarding, from that accident i lost my right eye sight, but lived to tell the story, and very greatfull for that by the way.

Got back to Israel, met my wife, she has 4 kids from her first marriage, asked her to marry me after almost a year of dating, and ahe got pregnant with my own daughter, never thought i would get married, with any woman, specially with one that already had a life so to speak with 4 kids! But life is crazy, and you don’t know, until you know.

I started to work, you know, to provide, and as the days goes by, i felt like i’m empty, something is missing, but how could that be? I had a beatiful and understanding wife, 5 great kids that filled me with love, a work that provided all we needed, but still something was wrong, and i didn’t knew what it was, until one day, a friend of mine (would say best friend but i don’t use these words, they seem so childish to me, till this day) called me, and we spoke, he is Alan Surmont, we had been friends from the Kfar Silver days, and we were together all the time, and of course when i was doing Jiu Jitsu he was there as well, but the difference between us, is that he never really stoped, went to championships, tournaments and everything of that nature.

Today Alan, a black belt, is one of the most known Jiu Jitsu fighters in Israel, and has a great academy in Ashdod city, called Lobo Team.

So as you already understood, we talked about me quitting Jiu Jitsu when we were youngsters, and in that moment i felt something, and i knew what was missing, JIU JITSU!

This was 3 years ago, and i’m no expert of the art and by no means i ever said it, still a blue belt, and a proud one as well, but by all means i know that i’ll never stop learning, teaching, sharing this beatiful and greacefull art, that does not know of fakes, or easy way out, Jiu Jitsu is honest, from the second you put on your GI or NOGI it dosent matter if you are a lawyer, a judge, police man, firemam, criminal, rabbi, lifeguard, or every niche of the society, Jiu Jitsu will humble you, EVERY TIME! And that’s what so powerfull!

So after all this, i got the decision to teach this incredible honest art, to all those who wish to learn.

So there you go, now you know me a little better, hope you found this helpful in someway.

See yo at the Dojo, OSS!

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