Month: November 2022

Mental Health?

What about it? We now live in wonderfull times, times where there’s no lack of information, no lack of opportunities to regain control over your fucked up brain and thoughts. But why even bother? As you may know, or not, we are more than the physical expression that we are…
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UFC 281

WHAT A NIGHT!!!! So yesterday, we had one of the most incredible title shots in the UFC, it started good and ended better! If i talk about all the card you will be seating for a looong time here reading all i got to say about all the fights, but…
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The First One

The First Blog So as you guys know or don’t, I’m a brazilian who his mother went far from her country to try to give her kids a better life. When i was in Brasil i knew little about Jiu Jitsu, my energy went all in skateboarding and boxing, thus…
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